Military Veteran and Local Family-Owned

Plumbing With Purpose originated from a belief that I could give my customers an exceptional experience with a contractor that is rooted in doing right by my homeowners. 

Other than my military service, I have been in the Metro East St. Louis market my entire life. 
I started my plumbing career in 2000 when I joined the military. All of my experience in the civilian world has been focused on residential service repair and replacement with a light commercial service aspect. 
While working for large plumbing contractors in our market, I found that this is not what I want when starting this company. There are plenty of benefits to having a relationship with a Large Contracting Company. The size of that company comes at a cost that always gets passed on to the customer. 

I am not interested in selling homeowners on items, tasks, or jobs that they do not need.
Instead, offer solutions to the problems that they are facing, make recommendations to improve their daily lives, and provide the residential services they want or need.

 - Michael Ligon, Plumbing with Purpose


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Very nice, knowledgeable, professional, and very well equipped for the task at hand. Would definitely recommend Plumbing with Purpose!
Cathy P.
Very friendly, prompt and excellent work.
Eric H.